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About the Book

People in successful relationships deliberately build and attend to the friendship and connection in their relationship, skillfully manage conflict and physiological arousal and work together to create shared meaning and understanding in their day to day lives together. This book provides daily information, tips and tasks to make small lasting change often. Based on 40 plus years of research by Drs John and Julie Gottman these daily tips provide simple, commonsense, safe handrails to stabilise, strengthen and deepen intimacy and connection through doing small practical things with positive intention. What this book will give you is:

  • increased knowledge of your partner;

  • increased expressed appreciation and kindness towards each other;

  • increased attentiveness and focus;

  • increased positivity and resilience;

  • improved conflict management skills and strategies;

  • access to deeper, more meaningful communication;

  • tips to eradicate proven destructive negative patterns in conflict;

  • strategies for understanding and honouring each other's dreams, goals, wishes and needs;

  • tools for creating greater shared meaning and rituals of connection that are proven to stabilise and strengthen relationships;

  • pathways to strengthen trust and commitment.


The suggested daily tasks are designed to assist you and your partner to discover a closer, connected, satisfying partnership. 365 Things to Improve your Relationship is the scaffolding to build a successful, lasting life together.

This book is available at any  online bookseller, or  you can purchase your copy here for $55 including postage and handling.

365 Simple Ideas to Improve Your Relationship

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