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Online Couples Therapy


Online Couples therapy has become a more popular option in recent years.  This is therapy that is conducted online using a secure video conferencing platform such as Zoom.  Online therapy  of any kind poses a number of different challenges than face to face therapy, therefore it is only suitable  for certain types of couples.  Before agreeing to engage in online therapy with a couple I will first only contract to conducting the Assessment Phase.  There are 2 options for a Relationship Assessment that offer different levels of assessment insights for both you and your therapist.  You can find information about each option here.


At the conclusion of your Relationship Assessment we will​ together, collaborate on an appropriate plan to move forward.  This might include:

  • contracting to attend online progressive intensive couples therapy with me (see below);

  • engaging in  face to face therapy with another therapist in your area;

  • engaging in online couples coaching (see below);

  • attending a couples workshop - you will find more information here

Online Intensive Couples Therapy

What is it?

Intensive/marathon couples therapy is an increasingly popular and successful way for couples experiencing couple distress to stabilise their relationship and begin to re-design, re-imagine and re-build a better more satisfying and happier life together.  


The approach consists of 4 phases:


Phase 1 - Assessment


A thorough assessment is conducted to ensure that the therapist has a deep understanding of your particular circumstances and individual needs.  It includes:

  1. Both partners complete an online "Love Lab" experience which involves completing the Gottman Connect questionnaire and engaging in two baseline conversations - an events of the week conversation and a conflict conversation.  This data will be thoroughly analysed and you will receive a report that highlights both the strengths and the challenges in your relationship;

  2. Both partners will join Trish for a 1 hour relationship history interview to help her understand how your relationship has developed over time and to fully understand your current difficulties;

  3. Each partner will attend a 1 hour individual consultation with Trish so she can learn about you and your particular needs;

  4. Both partners will attend a 1 hour feedback and goal setting session with Trish where you will work together collaboratively to establish the best options for you moving forward;

  5. You will be provided via email with a range of options and recommendations that will best meet your on-going needs.  These may include ongoing therapy with Trish, engaging in in-person therapy with someone else, attending a couples workshop and/or a couple's coaching program.

Phase 2 - Therapy

If it is determined that an online intensive approach is likely to be helpful and you wish to proceed, you will be scheduled for 2 full day intensive therapeutic sessions (8am to 4pm) generally one week apart.  The focus of these sessions will be to help you learn how to move out of painful gridlocked escalated conflict, repair old unprocessed hurts and misunderstandings and move towards a relationship that feels more understanding, connected and attuned. A list of available dates can be obtained by emailing my PA Kylie-Jo on . Please note: I am currently booked out until 2024

At this point you will most likely have developed a range of new relationship skills and ideas for how to keep working on your relationship.  We will together discuss your progress and any ongoing needs for additional follow-up appointments as you move into Phase 3.


Phase 3 - Integration

Now is the time to spend time working together at home to ensure you can consistently put your new skills, strategies and behaviours into action.  Generally speaking, most couples will continue to engage in fortnightly 1 or 2 hour follow-up appointments for a few weeks to ensure they are able to consistently utilise the skills, strategies, and ideas that have been learned.

Phase 4 - Relapse prevention

At this point most couples feel confident to continue their re-building on their own and our research has indicated that continuing with monthly check in appointments for a few months are important in guarding against relapse.  These are then faded out to 3 monthly and perhaps 6 monthly (just like your dental check ups) until you feel confident you have all the skills to continue to deepen and strengthen your relationship on-goingly.

Cost estimates:

The assessment phase - $1850 - $2000

The intensive therapy phase - approx $5000

The integration phase - approx $1800 depending on your needs

The relapse prevention phase - approx $1200 depending on your needs

Online Couples Coaching


Online Couples Coaching is a structured 6 week psycho-education and skills development program.  Based on the world renowned, evidenced based Art and Science of Love Couples Workshop developed by Drs John and Julie Gottman, in this program you will be guided through the information and activities from the comfort of your own home in complete privacy.

Together you will learn how to:

  • strengthen and maintain your friendship and intimate connection;

  • better manage conflict by learning a range of fail safe communication skills;

  • repair when mistakes, misunderstandings or hurtful fights occur;

  • support each other against the stresses of daily life;

  • build a culture of appreciation through a range of activities and rituals of connection;

  • develop shared meaning, understanding and meaningful stories that deepen your connection;

  • create safety and stability that leads to a long lasting, successful, satisfying and fulfilling relationship together.


​The Art and Science of Love program has been shown to achieve results similar to those of 6 months of couples therapy (approx cost $6,000 - $12,000) and 94% of couples have reported positive results after completing this scientifically based coaching program with Trish.

How does it work?

Once you register you will be guided through the following steps:

  1. Accessing and completing a range of questionnaires to allow Trish to personalise your program to your particular circumstances.  These include a personal history, a relationship history and the Gottman Connect Relationship Questionnaire;

  2.  Booking 6 x 2 hour coaching sessions conducted over Zoom over a 6 week period - while we will work with you to find convenient times please be aware that Trish has a very heavily booked schedule and premium times are generally booked many months in advance so please be prepared to be flexible with your calendars;


What is included?

You will receive:


  • A boxed set of resources that include 2 workbooks, full of information and activities, a range of resources such as card decks, helpful booklets and handouts;

  • Weekly email reminders of homework tasks and additional resources;

  • 12 hours of direct personalised, private coaching from Trish;

  • Unlimited out of session email contact with Trish to ask questions and get answers fast;

  • Additional pdf resources designed to address your individual needs.


Who is this best for?

This program best suits, and can be personalised to couples of any age or in any stage of their relationship including:

  • Newly together couples;

  • Pre-marital couples;

  • Newly blended couples;

  • Established couples who would like to strengthen their relationship;

  • Couples who are experiencing tensions and blocks to communication;

  • Couples who are finding their conflict is getting more distressing and difficult to manage;

  • Neurodiverse couples;

  • Same sex, transgender and fluid couples;

  • Polyamorous and couples in open relationships.

Please note:  Couples who are experiencing concerns with high levels of drug and/or alcohol use, the recent discovery of an affair, or domestic violence will be referred to a suitable service for couple and/or individual treatment.

What does it cost?

The full program is available for $4,500 inclusive.

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