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Relationship Health Assessment

What is it?


A Relationship Health Assessment is a simple, affordable evidenced-based process to help you take a snap shot of just how healthy your relationship is right now and gain some professional feedback, ideas, strategies, tools and activities to help you learn how to ensure your relationship continues to grow into a healthy,  stable, satisfying, long term proposition for you both.


What does it Involve?


Your relationship health assessment requires you and your partner to both complete 3 online questionnaires


  1. An individual history

  2. A relationship history

  3. The Gottman relationship Checkup questionnaire


These questionnaires are all held on encrypted and secure servers that meet confidentiality and security requirements for medical and legal records.


You and your partner will also attend a 2-hour online Feedback and Goal setting consultation with Trish Purnell-Webb.  During this consultation, Trish will assess your relationship dynamic and then will walk you through the findings of your assessment and what it means in terms of, the specific changes you can make to generate the most effective improvements in your relationship.


What will we get out of it?


By the end of the consultation you and your partner will:


  • have a much deeper understanding of both the strengths and challenges in your relationship.

  • Have a greater understanding of what it takes to create a strong, healthy, stable, satisfying and long-lasting relationship based on Gottman’sevidenced based model of Sound Relationships;

  • Receive specific tools, strategies, ideas and resources to help you work towards creating the relationship you both want; and,

  • Receive a range of recommendations to help you address any of the challenges your relationship may be facing.


Depending on the current state of your relationship, your feedback session may include recommendations such as:


  • Accessing and utilising apps;

  • Obtaining and reading books and articles

  • Watching YouTube videos;

  • Agreeing to engage in weekly activities together;

  • Attending workshops;

  • Engaging in a couple coaching program;

  • Engaging in online therapy with Trish or another therapist;

  • Seeking in-person help from a trained Gottman therapist in your area;

  • Attending Marathon Couples Therapy with a trained and highly skilled therapist.


What does it cost?


Your entire Relationship Health Assessment is available for $675.00 AUD


How do we begin?


Once you register for your relationship health assessment, you and your partner will each receive an email with links for each of you to complete the 3 questionnaires mentioned above.


You will also receive information about how book your 2-hour consultation with Trish. Please be aware that Trish is generally heavily booked well in advance and while we will do our best to meet your needs, premium times outside of normal work hours (8am to 5pm) are generally booked months in advance.


Can we get a report?


While a written report is possible, this is an additional fee depending on the length of time it would take to write your comprehensive personalised report.  Most reports cost between $750 and $1000 to complete.


Another option is that you can request to have your consultation recorded and the recording can then be made available for you to download within 24 hours of your session.  You and your partner can then review it at your convenience.


Can we cancel after we have registered?


You may cancel at any stage during the process.  Cancellation fees are as follows:


  • Completed registration but have not received questionnaire links- full refund less $50admin and credit card fees;

  • Completed registration, received questionnaire links but have not completed any questionnaires- full refund less $100 admin, questionnaire costs and credit card fees;

  • Completed registration and completed questionnaire/s but cancelling consultation more than one week in advance – full refund less $150 admin, questionnaire costs and credit card fees;

  • Completed registration, completed questionnaires and cancelling less than one week in advance of booked consultation but more than 48 hours before – full refund less $400 admin, questionnaire costs, late cancellation fee and credit card fees;

  • Completed registration, completed questionnaires and cancelling less 48 hours before booked consultation – no refund.