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Consultation/Supervision options

Trish is an approved by AHPRA for supervision with Provisional Psychologists, Registrars, Working in Addition to Practice higher degree student. 

Trish has 25 years experiencing supervising provisional psychologists, fully registered psychologists, practitioners who are required to attend mandated supervision and couples therapists wishing to advance their skills particularly in the area of Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

In addition, Trish is an approved facilitator of an AHPRA approved Masterclass for supervisors supervising in the area of couple therapy and for those wishing to maintain their supervision accreditation. Details of this workshop can be found at:

She also offers Supervision of the Supervisor


Trish is  an accredited Consultant for the Gottman Institute for those pursuing Certification in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.


Trish offers both individual consultation/supervision and group sessions.

Group session can be booked online here: Group supervision

Supervision rates are as follows:

  • Individual supervision 1 hour $225

  • Individual supervision for provisional psychologists $200

  • Group supervision large group (up to 10 participantss) $85 per 2 hours

  • Group supervision small group (up to 6 participants) $120 per 2 hours

  • Pre-purchase a pack of 10 individual 1 hour supervision sessions $2100

Supervision Resources

Template for Provisional session notes - this is taken from my Halaxy templates - feel free to improve and personalise 😊

Biopsychosocial Model of Formulation

The Power Threat Meaning Framework

Effective and Ineffective Supervision

Clinical intake Example using template

Clinical treatment note example using template

Reflective Supervision - guiding questions

Example External Clinical Supervision Contract

Couple intake note template example - includes Relationship History

Couple treatment session note template example


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